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i cant even make it past the table of contents im laughing too hard

At least the Tanuki chapter is well titled. They do have big balls.


Gilgamesh and Enkidu: ULTIMATE BROMANCE

ETA: Found it!  It’s Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes by Cory O’Brien!


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this is from a real diary by a 13-year-old girl in 1870. teenage girls are awesome and they’ve always been that way.

This is from a real diary by M. Carey Thomas, who was incredible her ENTIRE life, too. Girls, don’t do science or you’ll end up a lesbian suffragette president of Bryn Mawr.

The first diary in Thomas’s hand (no. 6), a small volume with a handful of entries, begins with the endearing resolution: “I am going to be more gentel to the boys this year; I have asked Heavenly father to help me.”

Also, from when she was fourteen:

"How unjust - how narrow-minded - how utterly incomprehensible to deny that women ought to be educated and worse than all to deny that they have equal powers of mind. If I ever live and grow up my one aim and consentrated purpose shall be and is to show that a woman can learn can reason can compete with men in the grand fields of literature and science and conjecture that opens before the 19 century…"

M. Carey Thomas had some problems (even as a Bryn Mawr grad, I can acknowledge that) but dang she had her awesome moments too.

"In the afternoon lolled about learnt Greek and sewed everlasting slippers."

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I remember when we filmed that scene too, and he came in, and this was the first time I worked with him, and he went into this voice and this shpeel, and after the first take, I turned to our camera department and I just went, '…What is he doing?' I was like '…did he audition?'(x)

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Seriously guys watch this. My stomach actually hurts from laughing so hard.

My mother came running out of her office because she thought I was dying or having a breakdown or something.  I was just laughing so hard it was completely indistinguishable from a breakdown.


The first picture of Undershaw when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lived there - where he wrote Hound of The Baskervilles, and where he brought Sherlock Holmes back to life. Without Undershaw there would be no Sherlock Holmes phenomenon.

This is how Undershaw looks today - almost destroyed by property developers who wanted to chop it up and turn it into flats. The house has been saved for now in the high court - but the clock is ticking.

There is a growing band of Sherlock Holmes fans determined to save the house, restore it and turn it into a heritage centre for fans. They need your help. At the moment, what we need is to grow the Facebook group numbers - it takes just a few seconds to like the page:

The Undershaw Preservation Trust

So please like the page, comment, and above all reblog and join some big names (Mark Gatiss from BBC Sherlock, actor Stephen Fry) in the fight to Save Undershaw…….